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Can somebody help me with the phrase "Fælles salg" in Danish? It's in a text about sales personnel and I think the meaning is something like "making sales together/going on sales visits together". Would that be correct?

The compound "fællessalg" seems to appear along with company names, but I suppose it has a slightly different meaning in those cases.

Thanks a lot/Tack så mycket.
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    I cannot find any reason that it should mean anything other than that two or more individuals or organisations are making a common effort to sell something.

    Can you give some context where it seems to you that the two words or the compound word have different meanings?


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    'Fælles salg' is not a standard phrase, it's just two words strung together. Therefore it has no other meaning than that of the two words individually.

    In other words: It just means 'common sale' or 'sale in common' or 'selling (sth) together'.

    What the speaker means, exactly, should be clear from the context.
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