Danish: Forberedt pa lidt af hvert


I'd like to translate this sentence (I think it is Danish): "Forberedt pa lidt af hvert". How can I put the symbol "º" above the vowels in the Nordic languages? I haven't got any in my keyboard. Takk.
  • IkHouVanPulcino

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    I looked for that sentence on the Internet, and it says it's Danish for "Prepare for the unexpected". I don't know anything about Danish, but it looks relyable. I hope it helps :)



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    "Forberedt på lidt af hvert" literally means "prepared for a little of everything", which means you are well prepared for whatever might happen.
    Instead of using "å" you could use "aa" which is the old spelling for that sound. It would be perfectly understood. :)


    Magnus A.

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    When writing Swedish, you cannot use aa for å like in Danish. It is not correct and will not be readily understood.

    Producing the letters on most non-Scandinavian keyboards:

    1. Macintosh
    å: hold Option/Alt key down, type a
    Å: hold Option/Alt key and shift key down, type a

    2. Windows
    å: hold Alt Gr key down, type 0229 on the numerical keyboard, release Alt Gr key
    Å: hold Alt Gr key down, type 0197 on the numerical keyboard, release Alt Gr key