Danish: how do I make it my cup of tea?


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I am a foreigner living in Denmark. It is a beautiful country with a seemingly difficult language.

Anyone who has learnt Danish or a Denmark native with any tips would be very helpful.

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    Hello DKDude,

    I guess it depends on the length of your stay in Denmark and your time and interest in learning a language, for which there’s little use outside of Denmark/Scandinavia. As you point out, Danish can be a somewhat challenging language to learn, in particular when it comes to the phonetics of the language.
    I’m sure you’ve noticed that you can get by fairly easily with English…so if you’re in the country for a shorter period of time you could just learn a few basic, yet useful phrases and words…”how do I get to…”, “how much is….”, etc. Then, of course, you’d still have to be able to understand the answer :)

    If, on the other hand, you’ll be in the country for an extended period of time you should probably learn the language. In my opinion the easiest and most efficient way to learn a foreign language is to take a class or course. In addition, you’ll have the advantage of being in the country, i.e. it’ll be a “full immersion”-type learning situation where you can read, listen, speak and interact with native speakers all the time. I’m sure you can get more specific information on this if you contact your local municipality.

    For starters, here’s a link to a fact sheet with information on Danish language courses for foreigners (by The Danish Ministry of Education): http://eng.uvm.dk/Fact-Sheets/Danish-language-courses



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    @ “full immersion”-type learning situation where you can read, listen, speak and interact with native speakers all the time


    You never spent much time in Denmark as a Danish learner, did you? What happens in real life is that once they smell foreigner, they switch to English - no matter where the foreigner comes from. (maybe he does not understand English any better than Danish? Nobody cares.) And to be part of their interaction in Danish the foreigner has to be really good ...


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    Thanks to you both for your time.

    Yes, it is fairly easy to get by in DK with English - one of the reasons, I took it a little easy :)

    English is quite welcome in DK & Scandinavia, compared to other parts of Europe. However, your CV needs to read 'fluent in Danish' to the job world.
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