Danish: How to pronounce the first name "Laerke"


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I am wondering if anyone on this forum could teach me how to pronounce the Danish first name "Laerke" correctly. I have browsed the Internet but have not been able to find a good resource.
  • Hej!

    Ordnet.dk is the official Danish dictionary. There, there are phonetic (IPA) spellings of words, definitions (in Danish, a good resource for more advanced learners), as well as pronunciations you can listen to.

    There is an "i" info button beside the phonetic spellings that takes you to a page with examples for all of the letters. Personally, I really like IPA for learning how words are pronounced. It helps me know the nuances that the ears can have a hard time hearing :)

    Hope this helps! :)

    EDIT: I had assumed you meant the word Lærke as in the bird. The name is pronounced the same as the bird in this case, but Forvo.com can be good for names and other things that aren't in the dictionary