Danish: Inden for bank vil alle lave en ny Mobilepay

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I came across this in a newspaper article about an IT company - this is a comment in general by someone who works at the company - I am not sure what it means. "in banking, everyone will use? a new MobilePay" or "will make a new MobilePay?

Thank you
A Gargantua
  • Zluim

    I would think it means that everybody wants to create the next successful mobile payment service or app.


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    What is it that you really want to know? If your English phrase is correct?
    Or the Danish one in the headline? Well, that, at least, is stylistically questionable and not quite clear.


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    Hello A Gargantua! It would be extremely helpful if you could supply at least the surrounding sentences of the article, or a link to it if possible. That way the forum members can help you better.


    The sentence was used as a caption in "Børsen" related to an article about an IT company. A correct version of the sentence could be "Indenfor bankverdenen vil alle lave en ny MobilePay (App)". What is meant is "In banking industry, everyone wants to make a new MobilePay" (to make a successful payment solution).
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