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Hello everybody! Glad to be here :) WordReference is an amazing community. I have a question about the next sentence from a document I'm reading for a project (Scenarierapport, fase 1 by Energinet.dk).

Klimaforandringer forstået således, at vandstandsstigninger og lignende faktisk har fundet sted, og for eksempel Danmarkskortet er ændret som konsekvens heraf (bekymringer for klImaforandringer er ikke en del af afgrænsningen)

My question is basically: do they incorporate climate change into their scenarios or not?

My rough translation: Climate changes are being understood in such a way, that rises in the water level and similar changes have actually taken place, and for example the map of Denmark has been changed accordingly (concerns about climate changes are not a part of the delimitation).

Just seems to me that the first part contradicts the part between brackets: first part says that scenarios assume that climate changes have already taken place, while second part seems to say they are not part of the scenario.

I would appreciate any help!
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    @ Climate changes are being understood in such a way,

    No, not quite so.

    Climate changes being understood in such a way, - dropping "are" makes the important difference ...

    They don't say anywhere that climate changes are not part of the scenario. I wonder why you think so as you translated that part of the text correctly - at least according to my opiniion. Don't you think it makes a difference if they take actual geographical changes into consideration and not what somebody may expect to happen, but which has not taken place?


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    Welcome to the forum, ChouChou! I checked your source,
    http://www.energinet.dk/SiteCollectionDocuments/Danske dokumenter/El/Scenarierapport fase 1.pdf

    and discovered that one important piece of context information is missing: The sentence that you quote, belongs to a list of factors that are not included in the scenarios (see page 10) - "emner, der ikke skal behandles i projektet".

    Therefore, the meaning seems to be the opposite of what Sepia suggests. Actual geographical changes that put parts of Denmark under water are not included in the scenarios, but concerns about such changes are not a part of this delimitation, and therefore included in the scenarios.
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