Danish: jeg gad nok se/høre/vide

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Take "Jeg gad nok vide" for example. Should I use it to express something I would like to know but didn't get to know? or something I have expected? or something I have tried to guess but the thing doesn't develop as I have expected? and should it be followed by a clause or only a noun phrase?
  • in more formal / older Danish "gad" actually takes the particple: Jeg gad nok vidst - I wonder ,,, I'd really like to know ... NOT your no. 2 and 3
    jeg gad nok vidst om han nogensinde kommer hjem.
    jeg gad nok vidst hvem han skal mødes med.
    jeg gad nok vidst hvornår regnen holder op.
    Like so many examples here, it depends on the context. "I wonder..." might be better in some contexts, "I'd really like to know..." in others.