Danish: Klart som pølsespad/korvspad

Discussion in 'Nordic Languages' started by Wilma_Sweden, Apr 4, 2012.

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    I am assuming that this expression doesn't exist in Danish and that it's just a literal translation of the Swedish expression, klart som korvspad = clear as day/clear as crystal (literally=clear as sausage broth)?

    Context: In the TV commercials for the Öresund bridge pass (version shown in Sweden), a guy is saying in "Danish" that the Swedes haven't grasped the concept of using a bridge pass, so they've made it "klart som pølsespad" by erecting 'half price' signposts in the right places.

    What I would like to know is simply what Danish expression there is that would have the same meaning?

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  2. Max-Y New Member

    I've never heard such an expression in danish, so you're probably right that it is just a direct translation.In the danish version of one of those commercials (which are also on youtube), the guy playing the swede says that they have "skåret det ud i pap for dem" (~cut it out in cardboard), which carries the same meaning.
  3. Wilma_Sweden

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    Lund, Sweden
    Swedish (Scania)
    Aaah, so that's what he's saying - I was wondering, couldn't quite make out the words. Even to Scanians, spoken Danish is a tough nut to crack! As is evident, other Swedes give up and drive on! :D
  4. hanne Senior Member

    I can't think of what the typical Danish "klart som ..." expression would be, and I'm not sure there is one in current use. Perhaps "som vand" or "som krystal". But we have the opposite expression - klart som blæk (meaning not clear at all) - so there probably was an equivalent to "klart som korvspad" once. So to answer your original question of what the Danish expression would be, perhaps "krystalklart" is as close as we get. Or "soleklart" but I think that sounds a bit dated...

    PS. If you're not sure about what the rules are, I'd suggest reading them ;).
  5. Sepia Senior Member

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    Yes, I found it on youtube.

    I still don't think "poelsespad" makes any sense in Danish. Seems to me they are consciously mixing the two languages to add some Danish charm to the advert and still make it at least halfway possible for the Swedes to understand the message.


    In the Swedish version - which I just found I just noticed another one which means the same as - skaere ud i pap: Vi har boejet det i neon for dem.
    Which they obviously have, if you take a look at the neon signs above the yellow sign.
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  6. Wilma_Sweden

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    Lund, Sweden
    Swedish (Scania)
    I think you're right, of course, they take the mickey out of the Swedish/Danish language barrier! :D Now I finally got the point about the neon sign!

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