Danish: overfor den overdragende anpartshaver


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From a company's articles of association:

Senest to måneder efter, at købesummen er fastsat i henhold til ovennævnte bestemmelser, skal købesummen berigtiges kontant overfor den overdragende anpartshaver.

(This is in the section that talks about shareholders' right to pre-empt the sale of shares outside the company. "Den overdragende anpartshaver" refers to the shareholder who originally intended to sell the share(s).)

I am not very familiar with the preposition/adverb "overfor" in Danish, and I don't understand what relationship it is expressing here.

How would you render "overfor den overdragende anpartshaver" in English?

I can provide more contextual details if needed.

  • First of all, "overfor" as a preposition should be written "over for" - though a quick glance in KorpusDK (at ordnet.dk) would indicate that appr. 1 in 5 makes this mistake.
    "Over for" means "towards" or just "to" and is used here instead of a dative construction.
    - the price must be payed to the seller in cash