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Hello everybody!

I am using the book På vej til dansk. At p. 9 i saw the phrase på -brogade but I cannot check it up on Den Danske Ordbog.

Is it a typo or a foreign phrase?

Thank you very much in advance!



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  • The point is that with most street names in -gade (meaning 'street') you use i, for instance i Nørregade.
    But when the name ends in -brogade, you use , for instance på Vesterbrogade.

    There is no word brogade. The name Vesterbrogade is composed of Vesterbro and gade 'street'. Vesterbro is a district in Copenhagen. The name Vesterbro historically means 'west bridge'.
    If you take a look at a map of Copenhagen you'll see a whole bunch of districts with "bro" and a few more streets with -brogade:
    Vesterbro, Nørrebro, Østerbro, +the district, Amager and the streets to go with them Vesterbrogade, Nørrebrogade, Østerbrogade, +the district, Amagerbrpgade. With them you use the preposition "på". The same with "Vestegnen" - a number of suburban districts called so as a hole. With almost all others the preposition "i" is used.
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