Danish: Prononciation of "Togeby"


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Français (région parisienne)

Could you teach me the correct pronunciation of the name "Togeby"? If possible, please add the phonetic transcription in IPA.
  • Svenke

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    It should be the combination of these two, with main stress on the first syllable and secondary stress on the last:

    toge — Den Danske Ordbog
    by — Den Danske Ordbog


    The ?-like sign stands for the stød (creeky voice).
    I believe the sequence [wə] will often be assimilated to [ u ], at least in rapid speech: [ˈtɔːuˌbyˀ]

    The initial [t] is rather affricated, almost [ts].


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    Français (région parisienne)
    @ Winemous. Thank you. I had already seen the Forvo website, but as there was a discrepancy between the pronunciation and what was written, and as I wasn't sure I was hearing it right, I preferred to ask for the IPA.

    @ Svenke. Thank you so much for your detailed answer. That's exactly what I was looking for.