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Hi everyone !

I am looking for a name for a fabrics shop and sewing workshop. Google told me that the word "SØM" in danish, which i find graphically and phonetically beautiful, can mean "seam", "couture" in french. But it seems that this word can also mean "nail" ... my question is : is whole Denmark going to laugh at this frenchy calling her boutique NAIL ? Or is this word really used in the sewing vocabulary ? would you find it strange to see a shop called "SØM" ?

Thank you in advance for your answers !

Bonjour à tous,
Je cherche un nom pour une boutique de vente de tissu et atelier couture. L'ami Google me dit que le mot "SØM", que je trouve très joli graphiquement et phonétiquement, peut vouloir dire "couture". Mais il semble que cela signifie aussi "clou" ... ma question est donc la suivante : si j'appelle ma boutique SØM, est-ce que tout le Danemark va se moquer de la petite française qui a appelé sa boutique CLOU ? Ou est-ce que ce mot est bien utilisé pour désigner la couture ?
Merci d'avance et vraiment désolée si c'est un gros hors sujet !
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    I would certainly find it odd. The first thing I would think of is nails. Many people would. If you want some hints on how to find good names pn me your e-mail address, before the mods deem this outside the scope of the forum. I've worked in advertising for a couple of decades...


    I just found a page with English/Danish translations of terms related to sewing - I don't know the quality of the translations but it might give some inspiration.


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    More about sewing and nails from Wikipedia:

    "For purposes of measuring cloth, the early yard was divided by the binary method into two, four, eight and sixteen parts.[57] The two most common divisions were the fourth and sixteenth parts. The quarter of a yard (9 inches) was known as the "quarter" without further qualification, while the sixteenth of a yard (2.25 inches) was called a nail."


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    Thank you for this page Piccando !! And they use "søm" for "seam" ... :D
    And it seems that nails dont have nothing to see with sewing ... o_O
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