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The captain of our sailboat racing team is Danish and we would like to honor him with a Danish saying or appropriate challenge to other racers. The name of his boat is Aquavit. Is there a colloquialism or some saying, or song lyric we can put on t-shirts as a tribute that would have a fun meaning for the crew?
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    I'm not sure what you have in mind, exactly.

    I don't know any sayings that include the word akvavit (Danish spelling). We do have a lot (a LOT) of songs about akvavit (or snaps which is the same thing, more or less), but none of them 'official' if that's what you're after. People just make up their own drinking songs and have fun with them.

    One collection, randomly chosen: http://www.pc-klubben.dk/sange/snapsesange.htm

    We also have some greetings, of course, if that is what you need.

    - or some taunts, if that is what you need. As a taunt, you might for example write 'intet slår akvavit' (nothing beats akvavit) which would mean to things: a) nothing beats aquavit (i.e. there is no better drink) and b) nothing beats 'Aquavit' (i.e. there is no faster boat than the Aquavit).

    A Dane would interpret such a taunt as saying (something like) "Even though I came home at 5 o'clock this morning (and am still less-than-sober), I can still beat y'all. Bring it on!"
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