Danish: Should I use "tyskere" or "tyskerne" when I refer to the German people in general?

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When it comes to referring to the people of a nation in general, both the definite and the indefinite forms are found, even it is non-specific in its context, for example, "Tyskerne er Danmarks klart største turistgruppe." but also "Tyskere vil holde jul i sommerhuse". In both of the sentences, I refer to Germans in general, not a few Germans in specific. What is the difference between the two different uses?
  • If you don't mean certain specified group of Germans or all 81,500.000 Germans you should probably use "tyskere"

    BUT ...!

    You more or less already HAVE specified them as a particular group by saying "Danmarks klart største turistgruppes", so that makes it totally OK to use "tyskerne".

    However, this is a case where it really does not make a big difference.