Danish: sige den slags til hinanden


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In the movie Adams Æbler. Pastor Ivan Fjelsted wants only to see good things in life, he does not see evil. A former alcoholic and a man fom the Middle East (Khalid) who robs gas stations stay with him. Now a neonazi released from prison comes to stay with them. Ivan introduces them. Khalid does not want to say hello to Adam:
Khalid: Er du dum på din ansigt? Tror du, at jeg skal hilse på skaldepande?
Ivan: Ja ja... Men der bliver masser af tid til at komme til at sige den slags til hinanden.

Does he mean they will have "plenty of time to be rude to each other" (meant as a joke because Ivan is a very strange person) or does he mean "they will have time to debate about these things and maybe clear them up or come to an agreement"?
  • Ivan responds that 'there will be plenty of time to tell each other these sorts of things'. From the context provided here it's not clear to me which 'sorts of things' he's referring to.

    khalid's line is not good Danish. Perhaps a translation of an Arab, Turkish or Pakistani idiom
    With a better command of the language, he might have said, "Er du dum i hovedet? Skal jeg nikke dig en skalle?"
    I don't think "tell" is the right word. You "say" rude things to another person. I suggest: There will be plenty of time to say those kinds of things to each other.