Danish: this hostel sucks!

For a story I am working on, I need the non-necessarily literal translation of the sentence "This hostel sucks!" in down-to-earth, natural every-day Danish. The sentence is said by an angry 20-years girl who is rudely telling the manager of a hostel that his hostel sucks.

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    Ja, det er en af mange måder at sige det paa. Og tidløst. Selv om man vel nok ville sige "vandrerhjem" og ikke "hostel".

    En mere moderne maade at sige det på kunne være: "Det her vandrerhjem er bare kanon dårligt".


    There are many different ways to say "this hostel sucks".

    1: Det her vandrerhjem sutter max
    2: Det her vandrerhjem er noget lort
    3: Det her vandrerhjem er virkeligt lort
    4: Det her vandrerhjem er fucking lort
    5: Det her vandrerhjem er virkeligt dårligt
    6: Det her vandrerhjem er røvsygt
    7: Det her vandrerhjem er (mega) nedern

    Which one should you choose? Good question. I would probably choose number 2 or 7. Even though many of them contain profanities and very aggressive language, I can easily use all of those sentences in down-to-earth conversations with my parents. It depends on how I say it. When talking to a manager though, I think 2 and 7 are the best. They sound rude, but not too rude.

    En mere moderne maade at sige det på kunne være: "Det her vandrerhjem er bare kanon dårligt".
    Jeg synes ikke det lyder særligt moderne. "Kanon" bruges normalt kun i en positiv kontekst, og jeg kender ikke nogen på min alder (~20) eller under som bruger det. Det er næsten kun den forrige generation der bruger det udtryk.
    Wow, so many options... I would be happy to shoot some bad words in the middle... Mmmmhhh... Will think about it... Thank you very much to all contributors to this discussion that went beyond my expections for quality and quantity of suggestions :)
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