Danish: What are the general temperature of "koldt, lunt og varmt vand"?

  • Svenke

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    It's not really possible to say exactly which temperature lun is. It will normally be said about a pleasant temperature.


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    It would never come to my mind to use "lunt" for the temperature of water.

    Varmt would be any temperature from and above the temperature where it does not cool down my body - meaning approx. the temperature of my skin.

    I would really like to know where you found that -
    "koldt, lunt og varmt vand"


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    I'm not anywhere near a native speaker of Danish, but it's fairly easy to find that "lunt vand", "det lune vand" are commonly used in Danish. Just google the phrases and see!


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    Although I don't know Danish very well, I happen to be a frequent reader of baking recipes in that language. In the context of such recipes, at least, the terms lunt vand and lunkent vand are interchangeable and correspond to “lukewarm water” as used in baking recipes in English. More generally, I believe we can say that the meaning is ‘neither hot nor cold, as experienced by the human body’. Nothing more precise than that.
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