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    The song Danny Boy makes many Irish people cry when it is sung with emotion.

    Another example of to get me/to get them:
    It really gets me when he tries walking with those little crutches!
    The sermon gets them most when the pastor speaks of the dearly departed.

    Get me/get them can also have a NEGATIVE feeling--meaning that is "pushes your buttons" or pushes you to the point of almost losing your temper. Examples:

    It gets me that he can come in 10 minutes late from lunch every day and the boss doesn't say a word!
    It really gets them when the opposing team stands on the front line and blows them kisses.

    I think with the song, Danny Boy, they are meaning to bring to an emotional wall (where you are about to cry) rather than an emotional wall where you are ready to punch someone's lights out.


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    He gets them with "Danny Boy."

    Does it mean: He foolfs them with the song "Danny Boy"?

    And what's so funny about it? Thanks.

    The correct link is


    The cartoon shows Heathcliff (a cat) playing a bagpipe for mice who appear to be leaving because they are suffering. "Danny Boy" is among the standard repertoire of bagpipe tunes. Some people intensely dislike the sound of the bagpipe, which makes it the object of fun in some jokes. That may be the case here, with the additional consideration that Heathcliff is playing the instrument badly, as shown by the distorted shape of the musical notes.

    He gets them... in this case means, it would appear, "He disposes of them/gets rid of them..."
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