dans la rigole (bowling)

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    You have so many words when you have one or 2!!

    In the context of a bowling game, how do you say lancer la balle dans la rigole? into the rill, the rivulet, the channel??

    Thank you for your help...

  2. Peabody Hulk

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    In English it's called a "gutterball".
    I think the most common way to say it would be "to get a gutterball", but you could also say "to throw a gutterball".
  3. misterk Moderator

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    ...my ball always goes into the gutter
    ...my ball always ends up in the gutter
  4. Lisa LaFana

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    Or perhaps:
    "When I go bowling, I get nothing but gutter balls."
    Note that wiktionary prefers "gutter ball" as two words, unhyphenated.
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    And it's called a gutter, sophie, because it resembles a gutter=gouttière or gutter=caniveau. (Rather less poetic than a rill or rivulet.;))


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