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Bonjour a tous
Je souhaite traduire dans l'attente de les recevoir, il s'agit de documents, et je voudrais terminer mon mail a un collegue avec cette phrase...
mon essai est looking forward to receive them
est ce que c'est bienveillant comme phrase?
  • AnnieF

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    "Looking forward to receiving them", "I'm looking forward to receiving them" or slightly more formal "I look forward to receiving them".

    Enquiring Mind

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    Hi azouza, yes, I agree with AnnieF. Look forward to is a phrasal verb in which "to" is a preposition, and therefore it must be followed by the ~ing form (or "gerund" or "verbal noun" - whatever you prefer to call it), or a noun. It can't be followed by an infinitive (with or without "to").

    You might find this page (source: edufind.com), particularly section "d", which includes the following, helpful:

    There are some phrasal verbs and other expressions that include the word 'to' as a preposition, not as part of a to-infinitive: - to look forward to, to take to, to be accustomed to, to be used to. It is important to recognise that 'to' is a preposition in these cases, as it must be followed by a gerund:

    • We are looking forward to seeing you.
    • I am used to waiting for buses.
    • She didn't really take to studying English.
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