Dans les annees 1970 - 1974, ces prénoms étaient à la mode

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  1. vitalstrike82 New Member

    Hi guys, i just learning french and i need to know what this sentence means..

    Dans les annees 1970 - 1974, ces prénoms étaient à la mode.

    Thanks... :)
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    Hello vitalstrike

    Welcome to the forum.

    You will notice the title has changed. I changed it to comply with rule 4:
    It is hard to work out exactly which part of the sentence is causing you a problem. And it always helps to give context, it makes it much easier to give you a correct answer.
  3. Richard E. Stanley Member

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    From 1970 to 1974 these (first) names were popular(in style)
  4. vitalstrike82 New Member

    To PYAN , thanks for sharing the info with me.
    To Richard, thanks for your translation.

    I have try to find this word étaient in the french dictionary, but i can't find. May i know what this means? Is it derived from the word est?

    And for à la mode, is the translation for this words means popular?

  5. DearPrudence

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    "être à la mode" could be broadly translated as "to be popular"

    "étaient" is the imperfect of the verb "être", used at the third person of the plural.
    Have a look at the conjugator, you should be able to find it now :)
  6. vitalstrike82 New Member

    Thank you...:)

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