dans les rues de belles pierres

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    Comment comprendre et traduire "dans les rues de belles pierres" ci-dessous ?

    "Coutances ne se cantonne pas à une série de concerts, mais procède à un état de la situation, avec ressources propres à hauteur de 41 %, subventions publiques (40 %), partenariats (19 %). Ajoutons dans l'éloge : des animations, des invitations (une classe du collège de Marciac dans le Gers) et dans les rues de belles pierres, une foule qui vient prendre plus qu'un air de festival. La vie existe."

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    Je doute que c'est "in the beautiful stone streets"...
  2. wendyredredrobin

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    Possibly cobbled streets or streets lined with stone houses...you'll have to take a look at their tourist info office website...
  3. Transfer_02 Senior Member

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    Actually, I think it could be meant literally.

    I found this on tourisme-Coutances:
    Les églises et les manoirs qui émaillent le bocage sont bâtis en pierres du pays : calcaire de Montmartin, grès, granit, diorite de Coutances…
    So maybe the streets of the city centre are paved with diorite de Coutances?????

    On the other hand, I was wondering if "belles pierres" could also be referring to the old stone buildings as well as just the stone pavements. "La pierre" can be used to refer to buildings.

    You'd probably have to retain some ambiguity in the way you translate it eg: and within this beautiful setting of ancient stone pavements and facades a crowd has come....

    But maybe that is adding too much.
  4. LARSAY Senior Member

    Hanoi, Vietnam
    The correcttranslation is "COBBLE streets" (not "cobbled"), streets paved with small round stones very frequent in old French villages and towns
  5. petit1 Senior Member

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    I have just looked at some photos of Coutances. Some of the streets are not cobble streets but they are paved with large flagstones.
  6. wendyredredrobin

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    I beg to differ with Larsay, in the UK they are most definitely known as COBBLED streets!

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