1. Jayjay Senior Member

    English - Denmark
    I need to translate the following into Danish, but an English translation is also sufficient.

    Y da la maldita casualidad de que la gente siempre tiende a buscar perchas bonitas.

    Thank you for your help - let me know if I can help with anthing English.
  2. krolaina

    krolaina Senior Member

    Spanish, Spain
    Be welcome Jayjay, my try is the following one:
    It so happends that people always prone to look for beautiful hangers.
    Natives friends...correct me!
  3. Jayjay Senior Member

    English - Denmark
    ( : I just realized that maldita is an adjective! and the phrase is dar la casualidad de que... so the "it so happens" makes sense. But now I have a new question - what is the difference, then, between "da la casualidad de que..." and "da la maldita casualidad..."? Later in the text Montero (Rosa Montero's Amantes y enemigos) writes "da la cochina casualidad de que..." How would you translate that? "damned"?

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