dar un paseo

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Argentina Spanish
In Argentina slang to refer to a soccer game, we say "le dio un paseo" to mean that the team was really superior.
You can say "Boca le dio un flor de paseo a Racing" (meaning that Boca played better and won the match)
Can you say "Boca took Racing for a ride"?Does that have the same meaning?
Any ideas if not?
thanks a lot
  • JCEst

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    No, that would mean that he defrauded or took advantage of racing. You sometimes hear "was the better man on the day" which has a similar (and obvious meaning)


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    Hi Orma

    To take someone for a ride means to deceive them, so I don't think it's quite right here. You could say:

    - Boca walked all over Racing
    - Boca ran rings around Racing
    - Boca thrashed Racing
    - Boca outclassed Racing
    - Boca breezed past Racing

    ...I'm sure there are more, but hope that helps!

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