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    Is there a difference between "fare caso a" and "dare ascolto a"? From what I gather, they can both mean "to not listen" but are they interchangeable?

    My attempts at differentiating the two:

    a) Mia figlia non mi fa caso quando stá guardando i cartoni animati.
    (Mia figlia non mi sente perche non mi fa attenzione)

    b) Mia figlia non mi da ascolto quando stá guardando i cartoni animati.
    (Mia figlia mi sente ma non vuole fare quello que le dico di fare)

    I'd appreciate any clarification on the subject. Grazie!
  2. rainbowizard

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    Before just some little corrections :)
    I think you got the meaning and the nuance between the two sentences, anyway only sometimes they can be interchangeable...
    As you marked in the (a) example "non mi fa caso" (or should sound better "non fa caso a me") means that the child focuses the TV only and does not pay attention to anything/anyone else around... It's like her mother does not exist
    In the (b) example the child is aware of the presence of her mother but she does not pay attention to her words.

    You chose an example where these two terms may someway interchange but there are other cases where they cannot. Two examples that I hope can clarify:

    Some actors are reharsing a part when the director come up on the stage and says:
    "Non fate caso a me... continuate... fate come se non ci fossi"
    He could not say "Non datemi ascolto..." :cross:

    A man is tryng to persuade his friend to give up with something:
    "Dammi ascolto... Lascia stare!"
    He could not say "Fammi caso... " :cross:

  3. Benzene

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    "fare caso a" means that a person has some interest for something which is happening next to him/her.

    "dare ascolto a" means that a person accepts the suggestions proposed by an another person .

    "Non farci caso" in certain contexts can also mean "never mind".


  4. Cassidy's Mom Senior Member

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    I thank you both kindly Rainbow Wizard and Benzene.
  5. VanessaW Member

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    I have a sentence that i don't understand fully:

    A character in a book has just walked into an apartment where his girlfriend has set fire to a photo of him using prosecco.

    " non fece nemmeno caso all'odore di alcol bruciato" - it didn't even smell of burnt alcohol ???
  6. BB.happy

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    he didn't even bother about the smell of burnt alcohol....
  7. the Grim Reaper Senior Member

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    He didn't even notice the smell of burnt alcohol
  8. VanessaW Member

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    Grazie mille :)
  9. underhouse Senior Member

    He/She didn't even take notice of the smell of burnt alcohol.

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