dare no vs. donata no

Discussion in '日本語 (Japanese)' started by Setwale_Charm, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Sumimasen...
    Though my first language, my Japanese has been out of use for over 25 years and I have largely forgotten its logic and rules.
    Could somebody remind me where the difference between "dare no" and "donata no" lies in rendering "whose" - possession - into Japanese?
  2. kaito Senior Member

    As far as I know there isn't much of a difference other than "donata" being more formal/polite.
  3. Vielen Dank, kaito. Anybody has any other ideas?
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    I concur with kaito. It may be of interest that polite attitude or deference can be expressed for ones who are not present.
  5. Thank you both for the explanation.

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