Dari: یک جهان سپاس


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What is the meaning of یک جهان سپاس?

I heard this on an afgan tv show. Literally it means "one world, thanks", but I have seen it used as a farewell more so than something about one world.

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    What is the meaning of یک جهان سپاس?
    It means “a world of thanks”, so as you can imagine, lots of or many many thanks.

    There’s no ezâfé/a after جهان but there’s an implicit ‘of’ in its translation into English, equivalent to هزاران سپاس/hezârân sepâs or “thousands of thanks”

    yek jahân sepâs/یک جهان سپاس


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    You are right, I avoided these particular examples because very often they (million, ton, bunch) are used sarcastically, but the concept & the meaning is the same.
    Right; the two I provided are colloquial suggestions and can be very sarcastic in nature, but the most likely sarcastic phrase would be "thanks a lot!"