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Can someone kindly give the most commonly used words for 'beautiful' and explain which nouns or types of nouns each one is appropriate to be paired with.
  • Possibly, "zebaa" for both animate and inanimate would be the most common adjective for "beautiful".

    BP SaaHib, I believe Dari speakers pronounce the "qaaf" in the prescribed manner.:)
    zebaa is of course there but more commonly used adjective is qashang. Moreover, I think that xushgil/xoshgel is rightly classified with animate nouns and maqbuul with the inanimate ones but the former is not used in Dari Persian, I believe, while the latter is, but I haven't ever come across this meaning in Tehrani Persian. zebaa/zibaa can be used as a noun in vocative expressions like 'zebaa-ye man' ''my beauty!'
    I wonder if "qashang" is used by Dari speakers. Apparently, this word became popular in Iranian Persian after the Shah used it in his diaries.
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    It was my impression that it was used by Dari speakers but I might really be wrong, especially when you clarify on the subject of its popularity. I'd have to counsult my source, but I don't think it is going to happen soon.