Dari/Pashto: Kidnapper

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    There's also آدم ربا/âdamrobâ from ربودن-steal.

    A kidnapped person often ends up being a hostage, maybe for Persian/Dari we can add گروگان گیر/gerogângir, although strictly speaking that's not the answer.


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    I was just thinking about that. Is the verb ربودن used today? من می‌ربایم - I've never heard that.
    As a verb, yes it is, mainly in literary works, in day-to-day-speech you have : آهنربا (magnet) دلربا(attractive) etc., you certainly hear it in song lyrics e.g. دلمو ربود/delamo robud-stole my heart (دلم را = دلمو)

    Which is correct?
    کسی را گروگان گرفتن or کسی را به گروگان گرفتن?
    We are digressing here but..

    کسی را گروگان گرفتن is correct - taking someone hostage
    کسی را به گروگان گرفتن is also used but I'm not sure if it is grammatically correct - let's see what others think.

    کسی را به گروگانی گرفتن - making someone hostage/taking someone into a captivity/hostage state (since there's no hostagedom or hostagity :))


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    You’re welcome, I ‘d like to know tue words too as my information is also second hand