Dari: Vowel length contrast



Is the vowel length distinctive in spoken Dari? I have read that in Persian/Farsi, the "short" vowels (when written) are mostly pronounced as long as the "long" vowels (when written) except in some contexts such as non-final open syllables. Does this also happen in Dari pronunciation?

Thank you in advance.
  • fishcurl

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    Hi, EternoBGV. I assume Dari is to be taken as distinct from Iranian Persian. If it is distinct, then I shall have to stand aside, as I can't speak Dari, having only access to standard Iranian Persian. If not, then I can only answer by agreeing that pronunciation in general including the particular case of the length of the vowel depends on a variety of things such as local accents, the particular intonation/word stress used by a particular speaker to suit the occasion, and the speaking individual's personal habits of pronunciation. In my personal experience, pronunciation is one of the most autonomous aspects one could come across in spoken Persian.