dark and stay-green nature

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    this appears in a text about genetics and I don´t know which could be the right translation: shorter stature, dark and stay-green nature, and late flowering, and some of them had a much smaller number of seeds
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  2. greenie Senior Member

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    I'm not sure what the translation would be as I'm not quite sure what it means in English. Dark and stay-green nature could mean that the rice plant has the tendency to stay dark green longer.
  3. euge* New Member

    thanks, that would be useful.
    if any other translation is posible please tell me.
  4. greenie Senior Member

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    This is just a guess...

    "...con tendencia a mantenerse verde y oscuro por más tiempo..."

    Qué te parece?
  5. euge* New Member

    me parece una muy buena posibilidad.. muchas gracias

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