dart and dive


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This sentence is from Harry Potter.
Harry was going through a chamber, and there were flocks winged keys flying all around the room, so they tried to catch one, Rowling wrote:"the bewitched keys darted and dived so quickly it was almost impossible to catch one."
My question is what the motion of "darting and diving" is?

Because the meaning of dart which has been carved deeply in mind is to move swiftly, and when I use it, I would add a directional adverb like on, down, etc to it, so here, if "dart" means to move in all directions , then "dive" is redundant, then I checked WR, an item said "spring quickly", it struck me that maybe the author wanted to express the winged keys was fluttering like dragonflies - move upwards and downwards quickly?
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    [QUOTE="kaven-ever, post: 15280446, member: 681211"so here, if "dart" means to move in all directions.. [/QUOTE]

    Not to me.

    I cannot conceive of "darting" downwards.
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