1. JME Senior Member

    Gerpinnes, Hainaut, Belgique
    francophone de Belgique
    I red an article about second life in the virtual world (on the WEB) and there was this sentence "... some prefer to be a little animal, or dragons, or Darth Vader."
    What's the meaning of this expression ?

    Thank you
  2. joleen

    joleen Senior Member

    french / france
    It is not an expression, it is a character from Star Wars ...

    I'm not a fan but I assumed so ..??
  3. Stefan Ivanovich Senior Member

    Paris, France
  4. joleen

    joleen Senior Member

    french / france
    I heard Dark Vador in French, is it a translation or ??
  5. pieanne

    pieanne Senior Member

    Nice Hinterland
    Darth = Dark/dart
    Vader = invader/ vado/e (Latin for go)
  6. sniper555 Member

    Québec (Canada)
    some prefer to be animals, others people of greatness, others bringers of chaos.

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