Das Gleiche

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    Das gleiche habe ich ihm gestern Nacht auch gesagt.

    What part of speech is 'gleiche' here in this sentence? I feel as if it is a noun but why the 'g' is not caplitalized? Can you please tell me more about the usage of this word? Vielen Dank !
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    Yes, in the new German orthography, "das Gleiche" is written capitalised.

    In the old, established German orthography, "das gleiche" was an exception and written with lower-case letters.

    Many people still intentionally adhere to the old orthography or at least write like they have learned and used it for many decades.

    Personally, for example, I still write "Im allgemeinen..." because I really dislike the capitalised form.

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    Thanks for the information. They are very helpful.

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