dat-ratted vampire

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A woman working in a hospital speaks with the doctor who is the boss of the man she's in love with. She says that every time she holds his hand he cries like a baby but that he won't kiss her and get himself hooked.
The doctor advises her to let his ride his own horse for a while.
Doctor : He's worried whether I'm going to make him or Dr Lee my official assistant.

Femme :Dr Gillespie, if I could promise him that he's going to be…
Ruth: Darn it! I can't handle him and now I can't handle you.
Gillespie : Get out of here! You dat-ratted vampire!

What does "dat-ratted vampire" mean ?
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    Put dad-gum and dat wascally wabbit and you dirty rat in a blender and there's a good chance you'll concoct dat-ratted. It sounds like a made-up, inoffensive oath to me.
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