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è corretto tradurre data di lavorazione in date of processing?

Questa la frase: verificare la data di lavorazione del lotto all'operazione x

Questo il contesto: la lavorazione del lotto deve seguire un flusso che è costituito da una serie di operazioni in sequenza. A causa di un problema avuto su un lotto e riconducibile ad un problema avuto ad una operazione del flusso nel periodo XX, si vuole verificare la data di lavorazione a questa operazione per vedere se il lotto è stato lavorato nel periodo XX.


Verify the date of processing of the lot at operation X.

Thanks for your help!
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    Maybe something like:

    Verify the processing date of the lot at point/stage X in the production process.

    (Operation isn't great in this context, point or stage would work better ;))

    PS. AB- it isn't referring to the date when the end product was completed, but the date at which a certain step in the manufacturing process was carried out)


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    Processing date sounds like a chemistry experiment or a computer data processing step to me. Date of a manufacturing step sounds better in AE. Sorry for the AE slant.


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    Ok, it doesn't have that connotation in BE, but then the translation might be for AE speakers or BE speakers, who knows :) A work-around might be to change the term "processing date" completely - I think "processing" is a bit redundant anyway since the production process is mentioned later in the phrase.

    Verify the date stamp of the lot at point/stage X in the production process.
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