data that people are creating and connecting to


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Hello everyone,

From the book Thank You for Being Late by Thomas Friedman.

That is why Hadoop is now the main operating system for data analytics supporting both structured and unstructured data. We used to throw away data because it was too costly to store, especially unstruc-tured data. Now that we can store it all and find patterns in it, everything is worth vacuuming up and saving. “If you look at the quantity of data that people are creating and connecting to and the new software tools for analyzing it—they’re all growing at least exponentially,” said Cutting.

What's the meaning of "connect to" in the context above?
Does it mean "use"?

Thank you.
  • romsterson

    I think that by "data that we connect to" they meant the information we search for, e.g. on the internet.

    1.a series of observations, measurements, or facts; information
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