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    I am wondering which one is correct: data was or were. Please see the following example:

    The data of the occupational injuries from GOSI and ministry of Labour records was obtained, reviewed and analyzed

    Please advise
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    Here's a link to a previous thread on the subject.
  3. as_99 Senior Member

    What about the example I gave above?

    Please advise
  4. chamyto

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    As it´s plural , I think it should be were.
  5. e2efour Senior Member

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    AE "data were".
    BE "data was" + analysed. Sometimes we write "data were" in scientific language, but even here "was" is more common, in my opinion.

    The sentence you gave breaks the rules of BE (because of "analyzed"). I would also say that it breaks the rules of AE (because of "was"), although it is possible that some people in the US regard data as singular.

    PS I wrote the above from memory. On checking, I find that in AE singular or plural is common at any level. although the plural is more common. However, many journals insist on the plural. We have sentences such as "Much of the data are tentative" (New York Times 1974), where "much" seems to be inconsistent. In 1973 Chief Justice Warren Burger said "There is no scientific data which conclusively demonstrates...." (and the underlined words were commented on as wrong by the Times Book Review).
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    Both usages are common in both AmE and BrE.
    What will determine "correctness" is the preference of the listener :D
  7. e2efour Senior Member

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    UK English
    My PS was written before I saw your comment.
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