date de fraicheur

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  1. afaf Senior Member

    "date de fraicheur": how to say it in english , any suggestions

  2. exiled scot Senior Member

    "best by date" or "best before date" is the usual message on fresh produce
  3. Keith Bradford

    Keith Bradford Senior Member

    Brittany, NW France
    English (Midlands UK)
    I suppose we're talking about a notice on a package for sale? There are several possibilities, depending on what the manufacturer really means:

    Sell-by date = it must be sold before xxx
    Best-before date = it is best if eaten before xxx
    Consume-by date = it must be eaten before xxx
  4. maudinette Member

    Sheffield, UK
    if it's for food, I just can say that on all my food it's written "best before", because even in french, I've never seen "date de fraicheur"

    but for a direct translation...perhaps "freshness date" but it seems weird.
  5. afaf Senior Member

    my context is software application , it's like the date where updating is made
  6. afaf Senior Member

    it has nothing to do with FOOD manufacturing
  7. leonore

    leonore Senior Member

    "Last updated", then?
  8. leolienne Member

    l'expression française est "date de mise à jour"

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