Date de réception de l'incription

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Hi I'm working on a form and I need to translate snetences from French to English. The sentences are:
  • Date de réception de l'inscription (Date of reception of the subscription?)
  • Nom du candidat bénévole (name of Vonlunteer candidate?)
  • Date du premier contact téléphonique (date of first telephone contact?)
Thanks for your help
  • jimb0

    English, UK
    In what sense do you use the word 'inscription'? a subscription generally means a regular payment for a periodic magazine. I'm guessing that in your case you mean application for a job, or enrolment on a course.

    Otherwise I'd say the translations are fine.

    Jean-Michel Carrère

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    French from France
    • Date de réception de l'inscription : Registration receipt date
    • Nom du candidat bénévole : Voluntary candidate's name
    • Date du premier contact téléphonique :date of first telephone contact


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    Je peux me tromper mais il me semble qu'un ''candidat bénévole'' est tout simplement en anglais un 'volunteer''.

    This is a term widely used over here...

    Could it be just: ''Volunteer's name''?


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    Yes you are right it could be just Volunteer's name but the person is applying to become a volunteer so maybe I should use Volunteer Applicant name?

    Jean Michel yes I meant Volunteer, and hey I'm a woman not a guy!!!! LOL
    Thanks for your help!
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