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Discussion in 'English Only' started by moura, Aug 10, 2007.

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    I have been doing a translation to English of a Portuguese Diploma certificate. In it the data indication appears as follows - 93-07-23 (year+month+day).

    Is this also the usual form of indicating a date in English - in what refers a official document - and provided it is (as the case) a translation of some original, where the date was indicated as I mentioned?

    That is, it must be respected the original form (y+m+d)?
    Or it is not to be respected and there is a different and correct form of indicating it in English?

  2. setantaclaus Member

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    In AE the convention is mm-dd-yyyy, in BE it's dd-mm-yyyy.
  3. Yet Another Jefe Banned

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    Frequently used variation (at least in AE) is to use the 2 digit year: mm-dd-yy

    When I was military, we were instructed to use dd mmm yyyy,
    as in 28 FEB 1978.

    I've seen quite often in formal communication that the entire month
    is spelled out: 28 February, 1978
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    Thank you both for your replies and explanations.

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