dates [opened January 14, 1990 / the 14th of January 1990?]

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italy - italian
is it right to write:
it opened January,14 1990? or it opened the 14th of January 1990?
or is there another way to write it?
thank you!
  • Harry Batt

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    USA English
    Regional differences dictate the proper way to write a date in a particular locality. In the United States it would usually be written January 14, 1990. From what I have seen the European standard would be 14, January, 1990.


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    England English
    it opened on January 14, 1990? or it opened on the 14th of January, 1990?
    The first form, with the month first, corresponds to the American way of writing dates so I suspect they would have no problem with it being written in that way (Confirmation please, Amis). I would not do so. The comma after 14 is essential.

    The second form is more European and more formal, but even so I would consider the comma to be optional (the rule says it belongs there, but I wouldn't use it).
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