dati geografica di tipo


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Hi all -

I am translating a cable telephone company service contract. The service is being provided to company xxxxx.

I am struggling with this combination of words:
"dati geografica di tipo" and how to translate this into coherent English. It appears as the title of the contract.

The whole title:
"Contratto per servizio di connettivita’ dati geografica di tipo (name of cable provider) per xxxxx S.r.l."

My attempt:
Contract for data connectivity service ______ (name of cable provider) for xxxxx S.r.l.

An help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much!
  • Yulan

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    Hi Mike :)

    I may be astray, but I think "geografica" refers to "network" (though it's not indicated): geographic (network) data.

    Hope it helps :)


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    That is the only thing thar makes sense!!! Thanks!

    So I am thinking:

    "...data network connectivity service..."