datum centurio [David Wallace]

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    This is from "Datum Centurio" by David F. Wallace.

    From <Leckie & Webster's Connotationally Gender-Specific Lexicon of Contemporary Usage>, a 600gb DVD3 Product with l.6gb of Hyperavailable Hot Text Keyed to 11.2gb of Contextual, Etymological, Historical, Usage, and Gender-Specific Connotational Notes, Available Also with Lavish Illustrative Support in All 5 Major Sense-Media*, c2096 by R. Leckie DataFest Unltd."

    This is the intro of the short story by Wallace. It's a future dictionary's entry on "date." I don't get the meaning of "Datum Centurio". What does "centurio" mean in this context. Anyone who has read this story, please give me some suggestion.
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    This seems to be Latin, or at least derived from latin...
    But, "cent" generally implies a meaning of 100 (e.g. century=100 years, or the 100 cents in a dollar, or 100 centimetres in a metre...).

    So I'd suggest that it has a meaning along those lines...

  3. sisse nar Senior Member

    Thanks, GMF1991. But I am still in vague area. More suggestions are welcomed.

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