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Hi guys, a Romanian girl I work with keeps calling me with a nickname at the end. I'm wondering what it means. My name is David and she calls me David-uchu. Is it a term for friends?
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    I'd say it shows a certain degree of familiarity or friendship and could be a bit of teasing as well :)

    Not sure about the pet name, I'd rather not bring it up, more like a term of endearment than anything else.

    May be a good thing, who knows ;)



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    It might be that she is calling you Daviduțu which is the diminutive of your name (David).

    It is clear that she likes you (or maybe you are just small ::)).

    Pet names in Romanian as in any other language tend to be different then one's name, like iubi, scumpo... I found a few examples here: Romanian love pet names | Romanian Lessons

    In any case it's up to you to decide how to react to that, you could call her as well a more funny Romanian name, or a pet-name...

    All the best