day-home and afternoon breath


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It's from Money by Martin Amis:

<<Excessive quotation deleted.>> You give your mornings then creep back with shoulders splitting to the day-home and its afternoon breath. Stop taking it. Organize! Fuck your factory!"

I seem to understand the main idea of what the author says, but the details, like shoulders splitting to the day-home and its afternoon breath, I didn’t get it. Can you guys give me some clue? Thank you in advance.
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    You creep back to your day-home (home) with your shoulders splitting (sore). Afternoon breath conjures, for me, hot, humid, motionless, possibly fetid, air. The home has been closed up while you've been away working, so there is no fresh air circulating. And by "day-home," I get the feeling this factory worker has been working the night shift or early morning shift and is coming back to the home in the afternoon.
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