day shafting through the maze

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I would grateful if you could translate the bellow sentence:

Here Biju lay on his matress, watches the movement of the sun through the grate on the row of building opposite: " From every angle that you looked at this city(NewYork) without horizon, you saw more buildings going up like jungle creepers, starved for light, holding a perpetual half darkness congealed at the bottom, the day shafting through the maze, slivering into apartments at precise and fleeting times.........."

what does the red part mean? please translate it in a simple way for me.

Thank you so much.

It's part of Inheritance of Loss, a novel by Kiran Desai.
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    "The maze" refers to the tall buildings of Manhattan. When you're in them, they're like giant walls stretching up to the sky, making a huge labyrinth.

    "The day" refers to daylight, sunlight.

    "Shafting" is a verbal construction from the noun "shafts of light", e.g. the angled beams of light that manage to shine through the small gaps left between the giant buildings.

    If I had to paraphrase this, I would suggest: "the beams of sunlight making their way through the jumble of buildings."
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