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I need your help in the translation of "day shift" into french. I found "être de jour" in the online dictionary but I'm not really sure of it.
If we want to say that Jane works a day shift would it be "elle travaille de jour "in french???
please help.

Thank you in advance
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    Yes, it's correct. You can also add the word "équipe" if you prefer:

    Jane est de jour/Jane est d'équipe de jour.


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    I have the same question as KennyHun (whether it should be "l'équipe de jour" or "l'équipe du jour"? Do they both sound ok?)
    Merci d'avance ! :)


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    Hi, Maîtreaupôle!
    I think that it's only used in Canada. (or at least, that's what someone has told me before) Let's wait to see what others say...


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    You can also use the word "poste" when talking about shiftwork:
    poste nm(période de travail) (work)shift n
    Le poste du matin va de 6 heures à 14 heures.
    The morning shift runs from 6 a.m. until 2 p.m.
    Some of these discussions about the night shift may help!
    (and now I'm going to have the Commodores song playing in my head for the rest of the day! :D)