DayGlo green


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Hi again!

I've just found an expression I can't understand. Any help?? Is a description of what somebody sees through the window:

Only the skateborder with one DayGlo green earphone lifted so he can hear music and still talk on his cell remids him that this is the present.

Is it a special coluour? A brand name? Also, the earphone is may be a blue tooth??

  • clairanne

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    "DayGlo" is a fluorescent colour green you can get yellow and pink as well it was very popular in the 80's with teenage boys for socks. Some boys only put one of their earphones in to listen to their walkman or ipod and speak in their mobile phones using the other ear - they think they look "cool"


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    An interesting thing I learned about DayGlo dye... it does actually "glow." Something is added to the pigment that slows invisible light down to the visible spectrum, so the visible light bouncing off of it is greater than the visible light striking it. It is a trademarked name as well... DayGlo.