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  1. Löwenfrau

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    Hi everyone!

    I use to have trouble in translating "dazu"; in the following context, it seems it could mean both "for that purpose" and "besides", and also "by these means"... I tend to think it is "besides", but I'm not so sure.

    "Bloß auf zwei immer noch allgemein verbreitete Irrtümer möchte ich aufmerksam machen und dazu auf ein kleines Versteckspiel, das mit dem Worte unsterblich getrieben wird." (http://www.zeno.org/Mauthner-1923/A/Unsterblichkeit+der+Seele)

    What do you think?

    Thanks a lot!
  2. Gernot Back

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    Dazu is ambiguous indeed, in this context. It can mean both besides/moreover/on top of that and for that purpose. I don't think it can mean by these means, though. That would be dadurch or damit in German. Maybe the ambiguity is intended by the author.
  3. Löwenfrau

    Löwenfrau Senior Member

    São Paulo
    Brazilian Portuguese
    Reading your answer, it occured to me, maybe "damit" could fit... Because "damit" means also "while doing this", "alltogether"... In Portuguese, the language into which I am translating, we have "com isso", literally "damit", and this expression saves the ambiguity, because it means at the same time "while doing this" and "by this means".
    What you think?
  4. gvergara

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    Hi, guys, I'm not a native speaker, as you can see, but I can't help but feeling that in this context dazu means additionally, especially because of the writer's previous words (which, I'm sure, you also read. ). How does the meaning of for that purpose fit in this context? Would it be something like...

    But/ However I would like to draw attention to two widely spread mistakes and for that purpose/ with that purpose in mind/ for doing so (I would like to draw your attention) to a slyness/ sly trick/ sneaky trick...?

    Thanks in advance,

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